Package wdune

A graphical X3D/VRML97 editor, simple 3D modeler and animation tool

The white_dune program is a graphical X3D/VRML97 editor,
simple extrusion/NURBS/Superformula 3D modeler and animation tool.
With white_dune you can create/change 3D objects and animate them (in a easy
way if you choose the -4kids GUI). The result can be shown in any WebGL enabled
web browser or can be converted to the RIB format for movie creation.
X3D and VRML97 are the ISO standard for displaying 3D data over the web.
With Cobweb or X3DOM it can displayed in any WebGL enabled web browser.

Under Linux, white_dune support some 3D input-devices like joysticks, game-pads
or all devices supported via the Xinput protocol.
White_dune support quad-buffer stereo visuals. Under Linux, this can be used
with Elsa Revelator, Crystal Eyes or Nvidia 3D Vision shutter-glasses and
special drivers for expensive graphic-cards like Nvidia Quadro or ATI FireGL 4.

Version: 1.958

General Commands

dune composable build system for OCaml
dune4kids simplified VRML97/X3D editor GUI
gitview repository restorer for white_dune (graphical vrml97/x3d editor and animation tool)
illegal2vrml convert VRML97 files with illegal extensions