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Package wayland-devel

Development files for wayland


The wayland-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use wayland.

Version: 1.22.0

Library Functions

wl_argument wl_argument
wl_array wl_array
wl_client wl_client
wl_cursor wl_cursor
wl_cursor_image wl_cursor_image
wl_cursor_theme wl_cursor_theme
wl_display Represents a connection to the compositor and acts as a proxy to the wl_display singleton object.
wl_event_loop An event loop context.
wl_event_queue A queue for wl_proxy object events.
wl_event_source An abstract event source.
wl_global wl_global
wl_interface wl_interface
wl_list Doubly-linked list.
wl_listener A single listener for Wayland signals.
wl_message wl_message
wl_object A protocol object.
wl_protocol_logger wl_protocol_logger
wl_protocol_logger_message wl_protocol_logger_message
wl_proxy Represents a protocol object on the client side.
wl_resource wl_resource
wl_resource_iterator_context wl_resource_iterator_context
wl_shm_buffer A SHM buffer.
wl_shm_pool wl_shm_pool
wl_shm_sigbus_data wl_shm_sigbus_data
wl_signal A source of a type of observable event.
wl_socket wl_socket