Package waffle-devel

Development headers and libraries for waffle

Contains the header files, and libraries required for development of
waffle-related software.

General Commands
Command Description
wflinfo a utility for printing OpenGL or OpenGL ES driver information
Library Functions
Library Function Description
waffle_attrib_list Utilities for attribute lists
waffle_config class waffle_config
waffle_context class waffle_context
waffle_display class waffle_display
waffle_dl platform-independent interface to dynamic libraries
waffle_enum Listing of non-error enums and associated utility functions
waffle_error Thread-local error state
waffle_gbm Containers for underlying native GBM objects
waffle_get_proc_address Query address of OpenGL functions
waffle_glx Containers for underlying native GLX objects
waffle_init Initialize waffle's per-process global state
waffle_is_extension_in_string Check if a name appears in an OpenGL-style extension string
waffle_make_current Bind a context for rendering
waffle_native Containers for underlying native objects
waffle_wayland Containers for underlying native Wayland objects
waffle_window class waffle_window
waffle_x11_egl Containers for underlying native X11/EGL objects
Name Description
waffle a library for selecting an OpenGL API and window system at runtime
waffle_feature_test_macros Macros to control definitions exposed by Waffle's headers