Package wabt

The WebAssembly Binary Toolkit

WABT (we pronounce it "wabbit") is a suite of tools for WebAssembly. These tools
are intended for use in (or for development of) toolchains or other systems that
want to manipulate WebAssembly files. Unlike the WebAssembly spec interpreter
(which is written to be as simple, declarative and "speccy" as possible), they
are written in C/C++ and designed for easier integration into other systems.
Unlike Binaryen these tools do not aim to provide an optimization platform or a
higher-level compiler target; instead they aim for full fidelity and compliance
with the spec (e.g. 1:1 round-trips with no changes to instructions).

Version: 1.0.33

General Commands

spectest-interp read a Spectest JSON file, and run its tests in the interpreter
wasm-decompile translate from the binary format to readable C-like syntax
wasm-interp decode and run a WebAssembly binary file
wasm-objdump print information about a wasm binary
wasm-opcodecnt count opcode usage for instructions
wasm-strip remove sections of a WebAssembly binary file
wasm-validate validate a file in the WebAssembly binary format
wasm2c convert a WebAssembly binary file to a C source and header
wasm2wat translate from the binary format to the text format
wast2json convert a file in the wasm spec test format to a JSON file and associated wasm binary files
wat-desugar parse .wat text form and print canonical flat format
wat2wasm translate from WebAssembly text format to the WebAssembly binary format