Package vpoller

Executable binaries for Distributed vSphere API Proxy

vPoller is a distributed vSphere API Proxy,
designed for discovering and polling of vSphere objects.

It uses the vSphere API in order to perform discovery
and polling of vSphere objects.

vPoller uses the ZeroMQ messaging library for distributing
tasks to workers and load balancing of client requests.

vPoller can be integrated with other systems, which require
access to vSphere objects, but do not have native support
for it.

Possible scenarios where vPoller could be used is integration
with monitoring systems as part of the discovery and polling
process in order to provide monitoring of your vSphere
This pacakge installs the executable binaries.

Version: 0.7.3

General Commands

vpoller-client manual page for vpoller-client 0.7.3
vpoller-proxy manual page for vpoller-proxy 0.7.3
vpoller-worker manual page for vpoller-worker 0.7.3