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Package vdr-epgsearch

Powerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR


This plugin provides a powerful replacement for VDR's default
schedules menu entry. It looks like the standard schedules menu, but
adds several functions, such as additional commands for EPG entries,
reusable queries which can be used as dynamic "search timers" etc.

Version: 2.4.2

See also: vdr, vdr-markad.

General Commands

createcats helps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf
epgsearch Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu

Special Files

epgsearch Searchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu

File Formats

epgsearch.conf The searchtimers
epgsearchblacklists.conf Blacklist
epgsearchcats.conf Configuration of the additional EPG information
epgsearchchangrps.conf Channel groups
epgsearchcmds.conf EPG Commands
epgsearchdirs.conf List of directories for selecting in epgsearch
epgsearchmenu.conf Customizing the EPG menus
epgsearchswitchtimers.conf The list of switchtimer
epgsearchtemplates.conf Searchtimer templates
epgsearchuservars.conf User defined variables
noannounce.conf list of events that have been marked to not be announced via OSD
timersdone.conf list of current timers created by search timers