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Package vdo-support

Support tools for Virtual Data Optimizer


Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) is a device mapper target that delivers
block-level deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning.

This package provides the user-space support tools for VDO.


See also: vdo.

System Administration

adaptlvm Adapts an LVMVDO base storage to RW
vdoaudit confirm the reference counts of a VDO device
vdodebugmetadata load a metadata dump of a VDO device
vdodumpblockmap dump the LBA->PBA mappings of a VDO device
vdodumpmetadata dump the metadata regions from a VDO device
vdolistmetadata list the metadata regions on a VDO device
vdoreadonly puts a VDO device into read-only mode
vdorecover Recovers available storage by discarding a full VDO volume.