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Package unifont

Tools and glyph descriptions in a very simple text format


A font with a glyph for every visible Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane code
point and more, with supporting utilities to modify the font. This package
contains tools and glyph descriptions.

Version: 15.0.01

General Commands

bdfimplode Convert a BDF font into GNU Unifont .hex format
hex2bdf Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file into a BDF font
hex2sfd Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file into a FontForge .sfd format
hexbraille Algorithmically generate the Unicode Braille range (U+28xx)
hexdraw Convert a GNU Unifont .hex file to and from an ASCII text file
hexkinya Create the Private Use Area Kinya syllables
hexmerge Merge two or more GNU Unifont .hex font files into one
johab2ucs2 Convert a Johab BDF font into GNU Unifont Hangul Syllables
unibdf2hex Convert BDF font glyphs into Unifont .hex glyphs
unibmp2hex Bitmap graphics file to GNU Unifont .hex file converter
unibmpbump adjust a .bmp image for unibmp2hex processing
unicoverage Print coverage of each Unicode Script
unidup Scan through a sorted .hex file and report duplicate code points
unifont-viewer View a .hex font file with a graphical user interface
unifont1per Create BMP glyph files from GNU Unifont .hex file
unifontchojung Extract Hangul syllables that have no final consonant
unifontksx Extract Hangul syllables that comprise KS X 1001:1992
unifontpic Convert GNU Unifont .hex input to a bitmap image of the whole font
unigencircles Add dashed combining circles to a unifont.hex file
unigenwidth Generate C code for POSIX wcwidth and wcswidth functions
unihex2bmp GNU Unifont .hex file to bitmap graphics file converter
unihex2png GNU Unifont .hex file to Portable Network Graphics converter
unihexfill Generate range of Unifont 4- or 6-digit hexadecimal glyphs
unihexgen Generate Unifont 4- or 6-digit hexadecimal glyphs
unihexrotate rotate Unifont hex glyphs in quarter turn increments
unipagecount Count the assigned code points in a GNU Unifont .hex file
unipng2hex Portable Network Graphics to GNU Unifont .hex file converter

File Formats

unifont a bitmapped font with full Unicode Plane 0 (BMP) coverage