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Package ufdbGuard

A URL filter for squid


ufdbGuard is a free URL filter for Squid with additional features like
SafeSearch enforcement for a large number of search engines, safer HTTPS
visits and dynamic detection of proxies (URL filter circumventors).

ufdbGuard supports free and commercial URL databases that can be
downloaded from various sites and vendors.
You can also make your own URL database for ufdbGuard.

Version: 1.35.7

General Commands

ufdbAnalyse parse a Squid log file and show URL category percentages
ufdb_analyse_urls retrieve a list of URLs from the log files
ufdb_analyse_users retrieve a list of URLs from the log files
ufdb_top_urls retrieve the most frequently used URLs from the log files
ufdb_top_users retrieve the most frequent users from the log files

System Administration

ufdbgclient a squid helper for ufdbguardd
ufdbguardd a URL filter for the Squid web proxy
ufdbhttpd very simply HTTP daemon for ufdbGuard
ufdbupdate download a URL database