Package ubertooth

A Bluetooth wireless development platform for experimentation

Project Ubertooth is an open source wireless development platform suitable
for Bluetooth experimentation. Ubertooth ships with a capable BLE (Bluetooth
Smart) sniffer and can sniff some data from Basic Rate (BR) Bluetooth Classic

Version: 2020.12.R1

General Commands

ubertooth-afh passive detection of AFH channel map
ubertooth-btle Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sniffing and more
ubertooth-dfu Device firmware update for Ubertooth
ubertooth-dump output a continuous stream of received bits
ubertooth-ego Yuneec E-Go sniffing
ubertooth-rx Classic Bluetooth discovery, sniffing, and decoding
ubertooth-scan active(Bluez) device scan and inquiry supported by Ubertooth
ubertooth-specan a spectrum analyzer for Ubertooth
ubertooth-util general purpose Ubertooth utility


ubertooth Project Ubertooth