Package tsocks

Library for catching network connections, redirecting them on a SOCKS server

tsocks is designed for use in machines which are firewalled from the
Internet. It avoids the need to recompile applications like lynx or
telnet so they can use SOCKS to reach the Internet. It behaves much
like the SOCKSified TCP/IP stacks seen on other platforms.

tsocks is a library to allow transparent SOCKS proxying. It wraps the
normal connect() function. When a connection is attempted, it consults
the configuration file (which is defined at configure time but defaults
to /etc/tsocks.conf) and determines if the IP address specified is local.
If it is not, the library redirects the connection to a SOCKS server
specified in the configuration file. It then negotiates that connection
with the SOCKS server and passes the connection back to the calling

General Commands
Command Description
tsocks Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the tsocks(8) library to transparently...
File Formats
File Description
tsocks.conf configuration file for tsocks(8)
System Administration
Command Description
tsocks Library for intercepting outgoing network connections and redirecting them...