Package tslib

Touchscreen Access Library

The idea of tslib is to have a core library that provides standardised
services, and a set of plugins to manage the conversion and filtering as

The plugins for a particular touchscreen are loaded automatically by the
library under the control of a static configuration file, ts.conf.
ts.conf gives the library basic configuration information. Each line
specifies one module, and the parameters for that module. The modules
are loaded in order, with the first one processing the touchscreen data

General Commands
Command Description
ts_calibrate A test program to calibrate a touch screen used by tslib.
ts_finddev Discover touch screen devices.
ts_harvest Harvest hundreds of raw touch screen coordinates.
ts_print A very basic test routine for tslib.
ts_print_mt A very basic multitouch test routine for tslib.
ts_print_raw A very basic test routine for tslib.
ts_test A basic test routine for tslib.
ts_test_mt A basic multitouch test program for tslib.
ts_uinput A daemon program creating a tslib-filtered and calibrated input event device
ts_verify A basic test routine for tslib's API.
Library Functions
Library Function Description
ts_close close a touch screen input device
ts_config read tslib's configuration
ts_error_fn use a custom error function for libts library errors
ts_fd get the file descriptor to a touchscreen device
ts_libversion get version information on the currently running tslib
ts_open open a touch screen input device
ts_read read tslib touch samples
ts_read_mt read tslib touch samples
ts_read_raw read tslib touch samples
ts_read_raw_mt read tslib touch samples
ts_setup find, open and configure a touch screen input device
File Formats
File Description
ts.conf Configuration file for tslib, controlling touch screens for embedded devices.