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Package tracker-miners

Tracker miners and metadata extractors


Tracker is a powerful desktop-neutral first class object database,
tag/metadata database and search tool.

This package contains various miners and metadata extractors for tracker.

Version: 3.7.3

See also: tracker.

General Commands

tracker-miner-fs-3 Used to crawl the file system to mine data.
tracker-miner-rss-3 Used to populate Tracker with RSS feed data.
tracker-writeback-3 Used to write metadata set in Tracker back to physical files.
tracker3-daemon Start, stop, restart and list daemons responsible for indexing content
tracker3-extract Extract metadata from a file.
tracker3-index Index content using the Tracker filesystem miner
tracker3-info Retrieve all information available for a certain file.
tracker3-reset Reset the index and configuration
tracker3-search Search for content by type or across all types
tracker3-status Provide status and statistics on the data indexed
tracker3-tag Add, remove and list tags.