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Package trace-cmd

A user interface to Ftrace


trace-cmd is a user interface to Ftrace. Instead of needing to use the
debugfs directly, trace-cmd will handle of setting of options and
tracers and will record into a data file.

Version: 3.2

General Commands

trace-cmd interacts with Ftrace Linux kernel internal tracer
trace-cmd-agent Run as an agent on a machine (to be controlled by another machine)
trace-cmd-attach attach a guest trace.dat file to a host trace.dat file
trace-cmd-check-events parse the event formats on local system
trace-cmd-clear clear the Ftrace buffer.
trace-cmd-convert convert trace files
trace-cmd-dump show a meta data from a trace file, created by trace-cmd record
trace-cmd-extract extract out the data from the Ftrace Linux tracer.
trace-cmd-hist show histogram of events in trace.dat file
trace-cmd-list list available plugins, events or options for Ftrace.
trace-cmd-listen listen for incoming connection to record tracing.
trace-cmd-mem show memory usage of certain kmem events
trace-cmd-options list available options from trace-cmd plugins
trace-cmd-profile profile tasks running live
trace-cmd-record record a trace from the Ftrace Linux internal tracer
trace-cmd-report show in ASCII a trace created by trace-cmd record
trace-cmd-reset turn off all Ftrace tracing to bring back full performance
trace-cmd-restore restore a failed trace record
trace-cmd-set set a configuration parameter of the Ftrace Linux internal tracer
trace-cmd-show show the contents of the Ftrace Linux kernel tracing buffer.
trace-cmd-snapshot take, reset, free, or show a Ftrace kernel snapshot
trace-cmd-split split a trace.dat file into smaller files
trace-cmd-stack read, enable or disable Ftrace Linux kernel stack tracing.
trace-cmd-start start the Ftrace Linux kernel tracer without recording
trace-cmd-stat show the status of the tracing (ftrace) system
trace-cmd-stop stop the Ftrace Linux kernel tracer from writing to the ring buffer.
trace-cmd-stream stream a trace to stdout as it is happening

File Formats

trace-cmd.dat.v6 trace-cmd version 6 file format
trace-cmd.dat.v7 trace-cmd version 7 file format