Package tpm2-tss-engine-devel

Headers and libraries for building applications against tpm2-tss-engine

This package contains headers and libraries for building apps applications
against tpm2-tss-engine

Version: 1.2.0

Library Functions

tpm2tss_ecc_genkey tpm2tss_ecc_genkey – Make an ECC key object
tpm2tss_ecc_getappdata tpm2tss_ecc_getappdata, tpm2tss_ecc_setappdata – Make an ECC key object
tpm2tss_ecc_makekey tpm2tss_ecc_makekey – Make an ECC key object
tpm2tss_ecc_setappdata alias for tpm2tss_ecc_getappdata
tpm2tss_rsa_genkey tpm2tss_rsa_genkey – Make an RSA key object
tpm2tss_rsa_makekey tpm2tss_rsa_makekey – Make an RSA key object
tpm2tss_tpm2data_read tpm2tss_tpm2data_write, tpm2tss_tpm2data_read – read/write TPM2_DATA
tpm2tss_tpm2data_write alias for tpm2tss_tpm2data_read