Package tpm2-tools

A TPM2.0 testing tool build upon TPM2.0-TSS

tpm2-tools is a batch of testing tools for tpm2.0. It is based on tpm2-tss.

General Commands
Command Description
tpm2_activatecredential verify that an object is protected with a specific key.
tpm2_certify prove that an object is loaded in the tpm.
tpm2_checkquote Validates a quote provided by a TPM.
tpm2_create create an object that can be loaded into a TPM using tpm2_load. The object will...
tpm2_createpolicy Creates simple assertion authorization policies based on multiple pcr indices...
tpm2_createprimary Create a primary key under a primary seed or a temporary primary key under the...
tpm2_dictionarylockout setup or clear dictionary-attack-lockout parameters.
tpm2_encryptdecrypt performs symmetric encryption or decryption.
tpm2_evictcontrol Make a transient object persistent or evict a persistent object.
tpm2_getcap Display TPM capabilities in a human readable form.
tpm2_getmanufec Retrieve the Endorsement Credential Certificate for the TPM endorsement key from...
tpm2_getpubak Generate attestation key with given algorithm under the endorsement hierarchy.
tpm2_getpubek Generate TCG profile compliant endorsement key.
tpm2_getrandom Retrieves random bytes from the TPM.
tpm2_hash Performs a hash operation with the TPM.
tpm2_hmac Performs an HMAC operation with the TPM.
tpm2_listpersistent Display all defined persistent objects.
tpm2_load Load an object into the TPM.
tpm2_loadexternal load an object that is not a Protected Object into the TPM.
tpm2_makecredential load an object that is not a Protected Object into the TPM.
tpm2_nvdefine define a TPM Non-Volatile (NV) index.
tpm2_nvlist display all defined Non-Volatile (NV)s indices.
tpm2_nvread Read the data stored in a Non-Volatile (NV)s index.
tpm2_nvreadlock lock the Non-Volatile (NV) index for further reads.
tpm2_nvrelease Release a Non-Volatile (NV) index.
tpm2_nvwrite Write data to a Non-Volatile (NV) index.
tpm2_pcrevent hashes a file and optionally extends a pcr.
tpm2_pcrextend Extends a PCR.
tpm2_pcrlist List PCR values.
tpm2_pcrreset Reset one or more PCR banks
tpm2_quote Provide a quote and signature from the TPM.
tpm2_rc_decode Decode TPM2 error codes to human readable format.
tpm2_readpublic Read the public area of a loaded object.
tpm2_rsadecrypt Performs an RSA Decryption operation using the TPM.
tpm2_rsaencrypt Performs an RSA Encryption operation using the TPM.
tpm2_send Send a raw command buffer to the TPM.
tpm2_sign Sign a hash using the TPM.
tpm2_startup Send a startup command to the TPM.
tpm2_takeownership Insert authorization values for the owner, endorsement and lockout...
tpm2_unseal Returns the data in a loaded Sealed Data Object.
tpm2_verifysignature Validates a signature using the TPM.