Package tpm-tools-pkcs11

Management tools using PKCS#11 for the TPM hardware

tpm-tools-pkcs11 is a group of tools that use the TPM PKCS#11 token. All data
contained in the PKCS#11 data store is protected by the TPM (keys,
certificates, etc.). You can import keys and certificates, list out the
objects in the data store, and protect data.

General Commands
Command Description
tpmtoken_import import an X.509 certficate and/or an RSA key pair into the user's TPM PKCS#11...
tpmtoken_init initialize the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store
tpmtoken_objects display the objects in the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store
tpmtoken_protect encrypt or decrypt data using a symmetric key stored in the user's TPM PKCS#11...
tpmtoken_setpasswd change the password(s) associated with the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store