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Package tpm-tools

Management tools for the TPM hardware


tpm-tools is a group of tools to manage and utilize the Trusted Computing
Group's TPM hardware. TPM hardware can create, store and use RSA keys
securely (without ever being exposed in memory), verify a platform's
software state using cryptographic hashes and more.

Version: 1.3.9

See also: tpm-tools-devel, tpm-tools-pkcs11.

General Commands

tpm_sealdata seal input data to the system's TPM
tpm_version report TPM version and manufacturer information

System Administration

tpm_changeownerauth change the authorization data associated with the owner or SRK
tpm_clear return the TPM to the default state (unowned, disabled, inactive)
tpm_createek create an Endorsement Key Pair on the TPM
tpm_getpubek display the public portion of the TPM's Endorsement Key
tpm_nvdefine tpm_nvdefine
tpm_nvinfo tpm_nvinfo
tpm_nvread tpm_nvread
tpm_nvrelease tpm_nvrelease
tpm_nvwrite tpm_nvwrite
tpm_resetdalock reset the dictionary attack lock for the user (require owner authentication)
tpm_restrictpubek restrict the ability to display the public portion of the Endorsement Key to the owner
tpm_revokeek revokes the Endorsement Key Pair of the TPM
tpm_selftest request TPM perform selftest and report
tpm_setactive change TPM active states
tpm_setclearable disable TPM clear operations
tpm_setenable change TPM enable states
tpm_setoperatorauth sets the operator authorization value in the TPM
tpm_setownable change whether the TPM allows tpm_takeownership operations
tpm_setpresence tpm_setpresence- change TPM physical presence states or settings
tpm_takeownership setup an owner on the TPM