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Package torque-devel

Development tools for programs which will use the torque library


TORQUE (Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager) is a resource
manager providing control over batch jobs and distributed compute nodes.
TORQUE is based on OpenPBS version 2.3.12 and incorporates scalability,
fault tolerance, and feature extension patches provided by USC, NCSA, OSC,
the U.S. Dept of Energy, Sandia, PNNL, U of Buffalo, TeraGrid, and many
other leading edge HPC organizations.

This package includes the header files and static libraries
necessary for developing programs which will use torque.

Version: 6.1.3

See also: torque, torque-client, torque-drmaa-devel, torque-gui, torque-mom, torque-scheduler, torque-server.

Library Functions

pbs_alterjob alter pbs batch job
pbs_checkpointjob checkpoint a pbs batch job
pbs_connect connect to a pbs batch server
pbs_default return the pbs default server name
pbs_deljob delete a pbs batch job
pbs_disconnect disconnect from a pbs batch server
pbs_fbserver get the pbs fall-back server name
pbs_get_server_list get a list of pbs server names
pbs_geterrmsg get error message for last pbs batch operation
pbs_gpumode change GPU mode
pbs_gpureset reset GPU error counts
pbs_holdjob place a hold on a pbs batch job
pbs_locate locate current location of a pbs batch job
pbs_manager administrator a pbs batch object
pbs_movejob move a pbs batch job to a new destination
pbs_msgjob record a message for a running pbs batch job
pbs_orderjob reorder pbs batch jobs in a queue
pbs_rerunjob rerun a pbs batch job
pbs_rescquery query resource availability
pbs_rescreserve reserve/free batch resources
pbs_rlsjob release a hold on a pbs batch job
pbs_runjob run a pbs batch job
pbs_selectjob select pbs batch jobs
pbs_selstat obtain status of selected pbs batch jobs
pbs_sigjob send a signal to a pbs batch job
pbs_stagein request that files for a pbs batch job be staged in.
pbs_statjob obtain status of pbs batch jobs
pbs_statnode obtain status of pbs nodes
pbs_statque obtain status of pbs batch queues
pbs_statserver obtain status of a pbs batch server
pbs_submit submit a pbs batch job
pbs_terminate terminate a pbs batch server
tm task management API