Package topojson-client

Manipulate TopoJSON and convert it to GeoJSON

This provides tools for manipulating TopoJSON, such as to merge shapes or
quantize coordinates, and for converting back to GeoJSON for rendering with
standard tools such as d3.geoPath.


  Converts one or more TopoJSON objects from an input topology to one or more
  GeoJSON features.


  Merges polygons (or meshes lines) from the specified source TopoJSON geometry
  collection object, assigning to the target object.


  Quantizes the coordinates of the input TopoJSON topology and delta-encodes
  the topology’s arcs.

See also topojson-server and topojson-simplify.

Version: 3.1.0

General Commands

topo2geo converts TopoJSON objects to GeoJSON features
topomerge merges the source TopoJSON geometry collection, assigning to the target
topoquantize quantizes TopoJSON