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Package toolbox

Tool for interactive command line environments on Linux


Toolbx is a tool for Linux, which allows the use of interactive command line
environments for development and troubleshooting the host operating system,
without having to install software on the host. It is built on top of Podman
and other standard container technologies from OCI.

Toolbx environments have seamless access to the user's home directory, the
Wayland and X11 sockets, networking (including Avahi), removable devices (like
USB sticks), systemd journal, SSH agent, D-Bus, ulimits, /dev and the udev
database, etc..


General Commands

toolbox Tool for containerized command line environments on Linux
toolbox-create Create a new toolbox container
toolbox-enter Enter a toolbox container for interactive use
toolbox-help Display help information about Toolbox
toolbox-init-container Initialize a running container
toolbox-list List existing toolbox containers and images
toolbox-rm Remove one or more toolbox containers
toolbox-rmi Remove one or more toolbox images
toolbox-run Run a command in an existing toolbox container

File Formats

toolbox.conf Toolbox configuration file