Package tntnet

A web application server for web applications

General Commands (Section 1)
ecppc is the compiler for the ecpp-language. ecpp is a template language, which lets the user embed C++-code into HTML for use in tntnet(8). ecppc generates a...
ecppl is the language extractor for ecpp. Ecpp - the template language used with tntnet - supports internationalized applications. In ecpp templates a tag...
Ecppll is the language-linker for ecpp. This program combines the data of a ecpp-file with translated phrases from a source-file and generates a data-file used...
This manual page documents briefly the tntnet-config command.
Miscellanea (Section 7)
ecpp is the template-language used by the tntnet-system to generate dynamic content. A template consists of normal content (normally html-data) enriched with...
tntnet(8) uses cxxtools for logging and is configured in the configuration-file Because cxxtools is a meta-logging-library, which can be...
Tntnet is configured using a xml file. The name of the file is tntnet.xml. The root node of tntnet.xml should be tntnet while it is not checked. Most of the...
System Administration (Section 8)
This manual page documents briefly the tntnet command. tntnet is a web server that can generate dynamic content via precompiled C++ modules.