Package tlp

Advanced power management tool for Linux

TLP is an advanced power management tool for Linux. It comes with a
default configuration already optimized for battery life. At the same
time it is highly customizable to fulfill specific user requirements.

TLP supplies separate settings profiles for AC and battery power and can
enable or disable Bluetooth, WiFi and WWAN radio devices upon system start-up.

For ThinkPads it provides a unified way to configure charging thresholds and
re-calibrate the battery for all models which support it (via tp-smapi or

TLP is a pure command line tool with automated background tasks, it
does not contain a GUI.

General Commands
Command Description
bluetooth enable/disable internal bluetooth device
run-on-ac run command when on ac power
run-on-bat run command when on battery power
tlp-pcilist show PCI(e) device data.
tlp-usblist show USB device data.
wifi enable/disable internal wifi device
wwan enable/disable internal wwan (3G/4G) device
System Administration
Command Description
tlp apply laptop power saving settings
tlp-sleep.service Disable power saving at suspend and restore upon resume.
tlp-stat show power saving settings
tlp.service Initialize power saving at boot and cleanup upon shutdown