Package tkimg

Image support library for Tk

This package contains a collection of image format handlers for the Tk
photo image type, and a new image type, pixmaps.

Version: 1.4.16

Tcl/Tk Keywords

img Introduction to Img
img-bmp Img, Windows Bitmap Format (bmp)
img-dted Img, Digital Terrain Elevation Data Format (dted)
img-flir Img, FLIR FPF Public Image Format (flir)
img-gif Img, Graphics Interchange Format (gif)
img-ico Img, Windows Icon Format (ico)
img-jpeg Img, Joint Picture Expert Group format (jpeg)
img-pcx Img, Paintbrush Format (pcx)
img-pixmap Img, Pixmap Image type (pixmap)
img-png Img, Portable Network Graphics format (png)
img-ppm Img, Portable Pixmap format (ppm)
img-ps Img, Adobe PostScript Format (ps)
img-raw Img, Raw Data Format (raw)
img-sgi Img, Silicon Graphics Format (sgi)
img-sun Img, Sun Raster Format (sun)
img-tga Img, Truevision Targa Format (tga)
img-tiff Img, Tagged Image File Format (tiff)
img-window Img, Tk Windows (window)
img-xbm Img, X Windows Bitmap Format (xbm)
img-xpm Img, X Windows Pixmap Format (xpm)