Package tk-devel

Tk graphical toolkit development files

When paired with the Tcl scripting language, Tk provides a fast and powerful
way to create cross-platform GUI applications.

The package contains the development files and man pages for tk.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
Tk_AddOption Add an option to the option database
Tk_Alloc3DBorderFromObj draw borders with three-dimensional appearance
Tk_AllocBitmapFromObj maintain database of single-plane pixmaps
Tk_AllocColorFromObj maintain database of colors
Tk_AllocCursorFromObj maintain database of cursors
Tk_AllocFontFromObj maintain database of fonts
Tk_CanvasPsY utility procedures for generating Postscript for canvases
Tk_CanvasTextInfo additional information for managing text items in canvases
Tk_CanvasTkwin utility procedures for canvas type managers
Tk_ClearSelection Deselect a selection
Tk_ClipboardClear Manage the clipboard
Tk_CollapseMotionEvents Add a window event to the Tcl event queue
Tk_ComputeTextLayout routines to measure and display single-font, multi-line, justified text.
Tk_ConfigureWidget process configuration options for widgets
Tk_ConfigureWindow change window configuration or attributes
Tk_CoordsToWindow Find window containing a point
Tk_CreateBindingTable invoke scripts in response to X events
Tk_CreateClientMessageHandler associate procedure callback with ClientMessage type X events
Tk_CreateErrorHandler handle X protocol errors
Tk_CreateEventHandler associate procedure callback with an X event
Tk_CreateGenericHandler associate procedure callback with all X events
Tk_CreateImageType define new kind of image
Tk_CreateItemType define new kind of canvas item
Tk_CreateOptionTable process configuration options
Tk_CreatePhotoImageFormat define new file format for photo images
Tk_CreateSelHandler arrange to handle requests for a selection
Tk_CreateWindow create or delete window
Tk_DeleteImage Destroy an image.
Tk_DrawFocusHighlight draw the traversal highlight ring for a widget
Tk_FindPhoto manipulate the image data stored in a photo image.
Tk_FontId accessor functions for fonts
Tk_FreeXId make X resource identifier available for reuse
Tk_GeometryRequest specify desired geometry or internal border for a window
Tk_GetAnchorFromObj translate between strings and anchor positions
Tk_GetCapStyle translate between strings and cap styles
Tk_GetColormap allocate and free colormaps
Tk_GetDash convert from string to valid dash structure.
Tk_GetGC maintain database of read-only graphics contexts
Tk_GetHINSTANCE retrieve the global application instance handle
Tk_GetHWND manage interactions between the Windows handle and an X window
Tk_GetImage use an image in a widget
Tk_GetJoinStyle translate between strings and join styles
Tk_GetJustifyFromObj translate between strings and justification styles
Tk_GetOption retrieve an option from the option database
Tk_GetPixelsFromObj translate between strings and screen units
Tk_GetPixmap allocate and free pixmaps
Tk_GetReliefFromObj translate between strings and relief values
Tk_GetRootCoords Compute root-window coordinates of window
Tk_GetScrollInfoObj parse arguments for scrolling commands
Tk_GetSelection retrieve the contents of a selection
Tk_GetUid convert from string to unique identifier
Tk_GetUserInactiveTime discover user inactivity time
Tk_GetVisual translate from string to visual
Tk_GetVRootGeometry Get location and size of virtual root for window
Tk_Grab manipulate grab state in an application
Tk_HandleEvent invoke event handlers for window system events
Tk_HWNDToWindow Find Tk's window information for a Windows window
Tk_IdToWindow Find Tk's window information for an X window
Tk_ImageChanged notify widgets that image needs to be redrawn
Tk_Init add Tk to an interpreter and make a new Tk application.
Tk_InitConsoleChannels Install the console channels as standard channels
Tk_InitStubs initialize the Tk stubs mechanism
Tk_InternAtom manage cache of X atoms
Tk_Main main program for Tk-based applications
Tk_MainLoop loop for events until all windows are deleted
Tk_MaintainGeometry maintain geometry of one window relative to another
Tk_MainWindow functions for querying main window information
Tk_ManageGeometry arrange to handle geometry requests for a window
Tk_MapWindow map or unmap a window
Tk_MeasureChars routines to measure and display simple single-line strings.
Tk_MoveToplevelWindow Adjust the position of a top-level window
Tk_Name convert between names and window tokens
Tk_NameOfImage Return name of image.
Tk_OwnSelection make a window the owner of the primary selection
Tk_ParseArgv process command-line options
Tk_RestackWindow Change a window's position in the stacking order
Tk_RestrictEvents filter and selectively delay X events
Tk_SetAppName Set the name of an application for 'send' commands
Tk_SetCaretPos set the display caret location
Tk_SetClass set or retrieve a window's class
Tk_SetClassProcs register widget specific procedures
Tk_SetGrid control the grid for interactive resizing
Tk_SetWindowVisual change visual characteristics of window
Tk_StrictMotif Return value of tk_strictMotif variable
Tk_WindowId retrieve information from Tk's local data structure
Ttk_CreateTheme create and use Tk themes.
Ttk_MakeBox Tk themed geometry utilities