Package tipcutils

Utils package required to configure TIPC

Tipcutils is a set of userspace programs used to configure and manage TIPC on
your system. It provides the tipc-config and tipc-pipe utilities.
The tipc-config tool provides numerous commands for configuring and
monitoring a TIPC network. Certain commands are only available to users
having network administrator privileges (eg. root) to prevent unauthorized
users from reconfiguring the network. The tipc-pipe utility acts as a netcat
like program for TIPC. It is used for reading and writing network connections
using TIPC.

Tipcutils contains a variety of utility programs for use with Linux TIPC,

1) TIPC pipe: A netcat like program for tipc.

2) tipclog: A simple userspace network event logger running as daemon that
logs link and node availability status.

It no longer contains:

1) tipc-config: An application for run-time configuration and monitoring of
TIPC. Its recommended to use the new configuration tool named "tipc" in
iproute2 package for tipc, which utilizes the new tipc netlink kernel API.

General Commands
Command Description
tipc-pipe simple client/server