Package timew

Timewarrior tracks and reports time

Timewarrior is a time tracking utility that offers simple stopwatch features as
well as sophisticated calendar-base backfill, along with flexible reporting. It
is a portable, well supported and very active, Open Source project.

Please read the /usr/share/doc/timew/README.Fedora file on using the included

Version: 1.7.0

General Commands

timew a command line time tracker
timew-annotate add an annotation to intervals
timew-cancel cancel time tracking
timew-chart display chart report
timew-config get and set Timewarrior configuration
timew-continue resume tracking of existing interval
timew-delete delete intervals
timew-diagnostics show diagnostic information
timew-export export tracked time in JSON
timew-extensions list available extensions
timew-fill adjust intervals to fill in surrounding gaps
timew-gaps display time tracking gaps
timew-get display DOM values
timew-help display help
timew-join join intervals
timew-lengthen lengthen intervals
timew-modify change start or end date of an interval
timew-move change interval start-time
timew-report run an extension report
timew-resize set interval duration
timew-retag replace all tags in intervals
timew-shorten shorten intervals
timew-show display configuration
timew-split split intervals
timew-start start time tracking
timew-stop stop time tracking
timew-summary display a time-tracking summary
timew-tag add tags to intervals
timew-tags display a list of tags
timew-track add intervals to the database
timew-undo revert Timewarrior commands
timew-untag remove tags from intervals


timew-config Timewarrior configuration file and override options
timew-dates date formats supported by Timewarrior
timew-dom Timewarrior DOM
timew-durations duration formats supported by Timewarrior
timew-hints Timewarrior hints
timew-ranges date and time ranges supported by Timewarrior