Package thc-ipv6

Toolkit for attacking the IPv6 protocol suite

A complete tool set to attack the inherent protocol weaknesses of IPv6
and ICMPv6, including an easy to use packet factory library.

Version: 3.8

System Administration

address6 address6
alive6 alive6
connect6 connect6
connsplit6 connsplit6
covert_send6 covert_send6
covert_send6d covert_send6d
denial6 denial6
detect-new-ip6 detect-new-ip6
detect_sniffer6 detect_sniffer6
dnsdict6 dnsdict6
dnsrevenum6 dnsrevenum6
dnssecwalk dnssecwalk
dos-new-ip6 dos-new-ip6
dump_dhcp6 dump_dhcp6
dump_router6 dump_router6
exploit6 exploit6
fake_advertise6 fake_advertise6
fake_dhcps6 fake_dhcps6
fake_dns6d fake_dns6d
fake_dnsupdate6 fake_dnsupdate6
fake_mipv6 fake_mipv6
fake_mld26 fake_mld26
fake_mld6 fake_mld6
fake_mldrouter6 fake_mldrouter6
fake_pim6 fake_pim6
fake_router26 fake_router26
fake_router6 fake_router6
fake_solicitate6 fake_solicitate6
firewall6 firewall6
flood_advertise6 flood_advertise6
flood_dhcpc6 flood_dhcpc6
flood_mld26 flood_mld26
flood_mld6 flood_mld6
flood_mldrouter6 flood_mldrouter6
flood_redir6 flood_redir6
flood_router26 flood_router26
flood_router6 flood_router6
flood_rs6 flood_rs6
flood_solicitate6 flood_solicitate6
flood_unreach6 flood_unreach6
four2six four2six
fragmentation6 fragmentation6
fragrouter6 fragrouter6
fuzz_dhcpc6 fuzz_dhcpc6 Partially based on code by Brandon Hutcheson and Graeme Neilson
fuzz_dhcps6 fuzz_dhcps6
fuzz_ip6 fuzz_ip6
implementation6 implementation6
implementation6d implementation6d
inject_alive6 inject_alive6
inverse_lookup6 inverse_lookup6
kill_router6 kill_router6
ndpexhaust26 ndpexhaust26
node_query6 node_query6
parasite6 parasite6
passive_discovery6 passive_discovery6
redir6 redir6
redirsniff6 redirsniff6
rsmurf6 rsmurf6
sendpees6 sendpees6
sendpeesmp6 sendpeesmp6 modified sendpeesMP by Marcin Pohl <> Code based on thc-ipv6
smurf6 smurf6
thc-ipv6 The Hacker Choice's IPv6 Attack Toolkit (aka thc-ipv6)
thcping6 thcping6
thcsyn6 thcsyn6
toobig6 toobig6
toobigsniff6 toobigsniff6
trace6 trace6