Package texlive-xetex

Unicode and OpenType-enabled TeX engine

XeTeX is a TeX typesetting engine using Unicode and supporting
modern font technologies such as OpenType, TrueType or Apple
Advanced Typography (AAT), including OpenType mathematics
fonts. XeTeX supports many extensions that reflect its origins
in linguistic research; it also supports micro-typography (as
available in pdfTeX). XeTeX was developed by the SIL (the first
version was specifically developed for those studying
linguistics, and using Macintosh computers). XeTeX's immediate
output is an extended variant of DVI format, which is
ordinarily processed by a tightly bound processor (called
xdvipdfmx), that produces PDF. XeTeX is released as part of TeX
Live; documentation has arisen separately. Source code is
available from ctan:/systems/texlive/Source/.

Version: svn66203

General Commands

xelatex alias for latex
xelatex-dev alias for latex-dev
xelatex-unsafe alias for xetex-unsafe
xetex extended TeX with native support for Unicode, OpenType, system fonts
xetex-unsafe run xe(la)latex unsafely