Package texlive-upmendex

Multilingual index processor

The package is a multilingual index processor with the
following features: Mostly compatible with makeindex and upper
compatible with mendex. Supports UTF-8 and works with upLaTeX,
XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX. Supports Latin (including non-English),
Greek, Cyrillic, Korean Hangul and Chinese Han (Hanzi
ideographs) scripts, as well as Japanese Kana. Supports
Devanagari, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew scripts (experimental).
Supports four kinds of sort orders (Pinyin, Radical-Stroke,
Stroke and Zhuyin) for Chinese Han scripts (Hanzi ideographs).
Applies International Components for Unicode (ICU) for sorting

Version: svn66381

General Commands

upmendex Multilingual index processor