Package texlive-texlive-scripts-extra

TeX Live scripts

Miscellaneous scripts maintained as part of TeX Live, but not important for
the infrastructure. Thus, this is not part of scheme-infraonly or tlcritical,
just a normal package.

Version: svn62517

See also: texlive-texlive-scripts.

General Commands

allcm force the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated
allec force the most important ec-fonts to be calculated
allneeded force the calculation of all fonts now needed
dvi2fax convert a TeX DVI file to G3 fax format
dvired print dvi-files
e2pall convert all EPS files in a LaTeX document to PDF
kpsepath alias for kpsetool
kpsetool script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available
kpsewhere Expanding kpsewhich to separately iterate over each texmf tree listed in $TEXMF.
kpsexpand alias for kpsetool
ps2frag obsolete shell script for the PSfrag system.
pslatex utility to typeset LaTeX files using PostScript fonts
texconfig texconfig allows one to configure and maintain TeX in an easy and convenient manner, offering a series of dialog boxes to the user.
texconfig-sys alias for texconfig
texlinks maintain symbolic links from format to engine