Package texlive-purifyeps

Make EPS work with both LaTeX/dvips and pdfLaTeX

While pdfLaTeX has a number of nice features, its primary
shortcoming relative to standard LaTeX+dvips is that it is
unable to read ordinary Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files,
the most common graphics format in the LaTeX world. Purifyeps
converts EPS files into a 'purified' form that can be read by
both LaTeX+dvips and pdfLaTeX. The trick is that the standard
LaTeX2e graphics packages can parse MetaPost-produced EPS
directly. Hence, purifyeps need only convert an arbitrary EPS
file into the same stylized format that MetaPost outputs.

General Commands
Command Description
purifyeps make an Encapsulated PostScript file work with both dvips and pdflatex