Package texlive-perltex

Define LaTeX macros in terms of Perl code

PerlTeX is a combination Perl script ( and LaTeX2e
package (perltex.sty) that, together, give the user the ability
to define LaTeX macros in terms of Perl code. Once defined, a
Perl macro becomes indistinguishable from any other LaTeX
macro. PerlTeX thereby combines LaTeX's typesetting power with
Perl's programmability. PerlTeX will make use of persistent
named pipes, and thereby run more efficiently, on operating
systems that offer them (mostly Unix-like systems). Also
provided is a switch to generate a PerlTeX-free, document-
specific, noperltex.sty that is useful when distributing a
document to places where PerlTeX is not available.

Version: svn52162

General Commands

perltex enable LaTeX macros to be defined in terms of Perl code