Package texlive-pagelayout

Layout graphic rich documents

The pagelayout class enables you to layout pages declaratively
using simple macros for pages, covers, grids, templates, text,
and graphics to create graphic rich, perfectly typeset, and
print ready PDFs. The integration of Inkscape allows your to
create box shadows. The integration of ImageMagick allows you
to configure compression and sharpening for bitmap graphics to
export web, print or preview versions of your document.
Parallelized image optimization, caching, and a draft mode
enable fast PDF creation and a responsive workflow, even for
large documents with lots of photos and graphics. The
pagelayout class also integrates the Pgf/TikZ and tcolorbox
LaTeX packages.

Version: svn66392

General Commands

pagelayoutapi API for the pagelayout LaTeX class
textestvis visual regression tests for LaTeX