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Package texlive-kpathsea

Path searching library for TeX-related files


Kpathsea is a library and utility programs which provide path
searching facilities for TeX file types, including the self-
locating feature required for movable installations, layered on
top of a general search mechanism.

Version: svn66209

General Commands

kpseaccess determine whether a file can be accessed
kpsereadlink print contents of symbolic link
kpsestat compute octal mode from mode of existing file
kpsewhich standalone path lookup and and expansion for kpathsea
mkocp frontend to otp2ocp(1)
mkofm front end to mktextfm(1)
mktexfmt alias for fmtutil
texhash alias for mktexlsr

File Formats

fmtutil.cnf configuration file for fmtutil