Package texlive-hitex

A TeX extension writing HINT output for on-screen reading

An extension of TeX which generates HINT output. The HINT file format is an
alternative to the DVI and PDF formats which was designed specifically for
on-screen reading of documents. Especially on mobile devices, reading DVI or
PDF documents can be cumbersome. Mobile devices are available in a large
variety of sizes but typically are not large enough to display documents
formated for a4/letter-size paper. To compensate for the limitations of a
small screen, users are used to alternating between landscape (few long lines)
and portrait (more short lines) mode. The HINT format supports variable and
varying screen sizes, leveraging the ability of TeX to format a document for
nearly-arbitrary values of \hsize and \vsize.

Version: svn63708

General Commands

hishrink hishrink- translating ASCII HINT files to binary files
histretch translating binary HINT files to ASCII files
hitex HINT output from TeX