Package texlive-fontools

Tools to simplify using fonts (especially TT/OTF ones)

This package provides a few tools to ease using fonts
(especially Truetype/Opentype ones) with Latex and fontinst:
afm2afm - reencode .afm files; designed to replace fontinst's
\reencodefont for big .afm files; autoinst - simplify the use
of the LCDF TypeTools by creating a command file for otftotfm,
plus .fd and .sty files; and ot2kpx - extract all kerning pairs
from an OpenType font.
General Commands
Command Description
afm2afm reencode an afm file
autoinst wrapper around the LCDF TypeTools, for installing and using OpenType fonts in...
ot2kpx extract kerning information from OpenType fonts