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Package texlive-fontools

Tools to simplify using fonts (especially TT/OTF ones)


This package provides tools to simplify using OpenType fonts
with LaTeX. By far the most important program in this bundle is
autoinst: autoinst - a wrapper script around Eddie Kohler's
LCDF TypeTools. Autoinst aims to automate the installation of
OpenType fonts in LaTeX by calling the LCDF TypeTools (with the
correct options) for all fonts you wish to install, and
generating the necessary .fd and .sty files. In addition, this
bundle contains a few other, less important utilities: afm2afm
- re-encode .afm files, ot2kpx - extract kerning pairs from
OpenType fonts, splitttc - split an OpenType Collection file
(ttc or otc) into individual fonts.

Version: svn65706

General Commands

afm2afm reencode an afm file
autoinst wrapper around the LCDF TypeTools, for installing and using OpenType fonts in LaTeX.
ot2kpx extract kerning information from OpenType fonts