Package texlive-bundledoc

Bundle together all the files needed to build a LaTeX document

The bundledoc package is a post-processor for the snapshot
package that bundles together all the classes, packages and
files needed to build a given LaTeX document. It reads the .dep
file that snapshot produces, finds each of the files mentioned
therein, and archives them into a single .tar.gz (or .zip, or
whatever) file, suitable for moving across systems,
transmitting to a colleague, etc. A script, arlatex, provides
an alternative "archiving" mechanism, creating a single LaTeX
file that contains all of the ancillary files of a LaTeX
document, together with the document itself, using the
filecontents* environment.

Version: svn64620

General Commands

arlatex archive a number of ancillary LaTeX files into a master .tex file
bundledoc bundle all the files needed by a LaTeX document