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Package termy-server

TermySequence terminal multiplexer server


A multiplexing terminal emulator server implementing
the TermySequence protocol.

Version: 1.1.4

General Commands

termy-connect Establish connection between TermySequence servers
termy-download Display inline content within TermySequence terminals
termy-forwrd alias for termy-server
termy-imgcat alias for termy-download
termy-imgls alias for termy-download
termy-monitor TermySequence information monitor
termy-query Get, set, and clear TermySequence attributes
termy-server TermySequence terminal multiplexer server
termy-setup Perform setup actions for termy-server(1)
termy-ssh Establish a connection between TermySequence servers using common helper programs
termy-su alias for termy-ssh
termy-sudo alias for termy-ssh
termy-systemd-setup Enable user systemd services for termy-server(1)
termyctl Set or clear TermySequence session attributes