Package tcpreplay

Replay captured network traffic

Tcpreplay is a tool to replay captured network traffic. Currently, tcpreplay
supports pcap (tcpdump) and snoop capture formats. Also included, is tcpprep
a tool to pre-process capture files to allow increased performance under
certain conditions as well as capinfo which provides basic information about
capture files.

General Commands
Command Description
tcpbridge Bridge network traffic across two interfaces
tcpcapinfo Pcap file dissector for debugging broken pcap files
tcpliveplay Replays network traffic stored in a pcap file on live networks using new TCP...
tcpprep Create a tcpreplay cache cache file from a pcap file.
tcpreplay Replay network traffic stored in pcap files
tcpreplay-edit Replay network traffic stored in pcap files
tcprewrite Rewrite the packets in a pcap file.