Package tcalc

The terminal calculator

The terminal calculator is a small and helpful program to help users of the
GNU/Linux terminal do calculations simply and quickly. The formula to be
calculated can be fed to tcalc through the command line. Alternatively, tcalc
can be run with no formula and then the free mode is started, in which the
calculator will wait for user input, do the necessary calculations and print
out the result, and the cycle will repeat until the user enters 'q' or 'quit'.
Support for reading formulas from text files is under way.

The calculator works with the decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary number
systems. It automatically identifies hex numbers if entered with a preceding
"0x" or "0X", octal by preceding the number with a zero, binaries by
preceding the number with 'b' and decimals by absence of all of the above.
Alternatively, the user can indicate the type of input by setting the 'format'

Version: 2.1

General Commands

tcalc The terminal calculator