Package tboot

Performs a verified launch using Intel TXT

Trusted Boot (tboot) is an open source, pre-kernel/VMM module that uses
Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT) to perform a measured
and verified launch of an OS kernel/VMM.

System Administration (Section 8)
acminfo is used to display the header information for a TXT Authenticated Code Module (ACM) and match it with the current system.
lcp_crtpconf is used to create a platform configuration measurement. The produced platform configuration measurement will be appended to the input file in...
lcp_crtpol is used to create a TXT v1 LCP policy (and optionally policy data), which can later be written to the TPM. The policy created are for platforms...
lcp_crtpol2 is used to create an Intel(R) TXT policy (and policy data file) for platforms produced after 2008.
lcp_crtpolelt is used to create an Intel(R) TXT policy element of specified type.
lcp_crtpollist is used to create an Intel(R) TXT policy list.
lcp_mlehash is used to generate a SHA-1 hash of the portion of an executable file that contains the IntelĀ® TXT measured launched environment (MLE). In the MLE...
lcp_readpol is used to read the contents of an LCP policy index. Any index can be specified but the output will be parsed as if it contained a policy.
lcp_writepol is used to write LCP policy into a (previously-defined) TPM NV index. It also supports writing arbitrary data into a specified index.
tb_polgen is used to manage tboot verified launch policy.
txt-stat is used to display various information about the status of Intel(R) TXT. It will display the TXT configuration registers status and TBOOT log by...