Package taskopen

Script for taking notes and open urls with taskwarrior

taskopen allows you to link almost any file, webpage or command to a
taskwarrior task by adding a filepath, web-link or uri as an annotation. Text
notes, images, PDF files, web addresses, spreadsheets and many other types of
links can then be filtered, listed and opened by using taskopen. Some actions
are sane defaults, others can be custom-configured, and everything else will
use your systems mime-types to open the link.

Arbitrary commands can be used with taskopen at the CLI, acting on the link
targets, enhancing listings and even executing annotations as commands.

Run 'taskopen -h' or 'man taskopen' for further details. The following sections
show some (very) basic usage examples.

Version: 1.1.5

General Commands

taskopen A companion application for taskwarrior, that facilitates opening annotations.

File Formats

taskopenrc Configuration file for the taskopen(1) command