Package systemtap-devel

Programmable system-wide instrumentation system - development headers, tools

This package contains the components needed to compile a systemtap
script from source form into executable (.ko) forms. It may be
installed on a self-contained developer workstation (along with the
systemtap-client and systemtap-runtime packages), or on a dedicated
remote server (alongside the systemtap-server package). It includes
a copy of the standard tapset library and the runtime library C files.

Version: 5.1~pre17062192g5fd8daba

General Commands

stap systemtap script translator/driver
stap-prep prepare system for systemtap use
stap-report collect system information that is useful for debugging systemtap bugs


error::dwarf.7stap dwarf debuginfo quality problems
error::fault.7stap memory access faults
error::inode-uprobes.7stap limitations of inode-uprobes
error::pass1.7stap systemtap pass-1 errors
error::pass2.7stap systemtap pass-2 errors
error::pass3.7stap systemtap pass-3 errors
error::pass4.7stap systemtap pass-4 errors
error::pass5.7stap systemtap pass-5 errors
error::process-tracking.7stap process-tracking facilities are not available
error::reporting.7stap systemtap error reporting
error::sdt.7stap <sys/sdt.h> marker failures
stappaths systemtap configurable file paths
warning::buildid.7stap build-id verification failures
warning::debuginfo.7stap systemtap missing-debuginfo warnings
warning::pass5.7stap systemtap pass-5 warnings
warning::symbols.7stap systemtap missing-symbols warnings