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Package systemd-udev

Rule-based device node and kernel event manager


This package contains systemd-udev and the rules and hardware database needed to
manage device nodes. This package is necessary on physical machines and in
virtual machines, but not in containers.

This package also provides systemd-timesyncd, a network time protocol daemon.

It also contains tools to manage encrypted home areas and secrets bound to the
machine, and to create or grow partitions and make file systems automatically.

Version: 256.2

See also: systemd, systemd-boot-unsigned, systemd-bootchart, systemd-container, systemd-devel, systemd-journal-remote, systemd-networkd, systemd-pam, systemd-resolved, systemd-swap, systemd-ukify.

General Commands

bootctl Control EFI firmware boot settings and manage boot loader
coredumpctl Retrieve and process saved core dumps and metadata
systemd-cryptenroll Enroll PKCS#11, FIDO2, TPM2 token/devices to LUKS2 encrypted volumes
systemd-homed-firstboot.service alias for homectl
systemd-measure Pre-calculate and sign expected TPM2 PCR values for booted unified kernel images

File Formats

binfmt.d Configure additional binary formats for executables at boot
coredump.conf Core dump storage configuration files
coredump.conf.d alias for coredump.conf
crypttab Configuration for encrypted block devices
homed.conf Home area/user account manager configuration files
homed.conf.d alias for homed.conf
initrd-release alias for os-release
integritytab Configuration for integrity block devices
modules-load.d Configure kernel modules to load at boot
oomd.conf Global systemd-oomd configuration files
oomd.conf.d alias for oomd.conf
org.freedesktop.home1 The D-Bus interface of systemd-homed
org.freedesktop.portable1 The D-Bus interface of systemd-portabled
pstore.conf PStore configuration file
pstore.conf.d alias for pstore.conf
repart.d Partition Definition Files for Automatic Boot-Time Repartitioning
sleep.conf.d alias for systemd-sleep.conf
sysctl.d Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-sleep.conf Suspend and hibernation configuration file
timesyncd.conf Network Time Synchronization configuration files
timesyncd.conf.d alias for timesyncd.conf
udev.conf Configuration for device event managing daemon
udev.conf.d alias for udev.conf
vconsole.conf Configuration file for the virtual console


hwdb Hardware Database
udev Dynamic device management

System Administration

kernel-install Add and remove kernel and initrd images to and from the boot partition
systemd-backlight alias for systemd-backlight@.service
systemd-backlight@.service Load and save the display backlight brightness at boot and shutdown
systemd-binfmt alias for systemd-binfmt.service
systemd-binfmt.service Configure additional binary formats for executables at boot
systemd-bless-boot alias for systemd-bless-boot.service
systemd-bless-boot-generator Pull systemd-bless-boot.service into the initial boot transaction when boot counting is in effect
systemd-bless-boot.service Mark current boot process as successful
systemd-boot-random-seed.service Refresh boot loader random seed at boot
systemd-bsod alias for systemd-bsod.service
systemd-bsod.service Displays boot-time emergency log message in full screen
systemd-coredump Acquire, save and process core dumps
systemd-coredump.socket alias for systemd-coredump
systemd-coredump@.service alias for systemd-coredump
systemd-cryptsetup Full disk decryption logic
systemd-cryptsetup-generator Unit generator for /etc/crypttab
systemd-cryptsetup@.service alias for systemd-cryptsetup
systemd-fsck alias for systemd-fsck@.service
systemd-fsck-root.service alias for systemd-fsck@.service
systemd-fsck-usr.service alias for systemd-fsck@.service
systemd-fsck@.service File system checker logic
systemd-gpt-auto-generator Generator for automatically discovering and mounting root, /home/, /srv/, /var/ and /var/tmp/ partitions, as well as discovering and enabling swap partitions,…
systemd-growfs alias for systemd-makefs@.service
systemd-growfs-root.service alias for systemd-makefs@.service
systemd-growfs@.service alias for systemd-makefs@.service
systemd-hibernate-clear.service alias for systemd-hibernate-resume.service
systemd-hibernate-resume alias for systemd-hibernate-resume.service
systemd-hibernate-resume-generator Unit generator for resume= kernel parameter
systemd-hibernate-resume.service Resume from hibernation
systemd-hibernate.service alias for systemd-suspend.service
systemd-homed alias for systemd-homed.service
systemd-homed.service Home Area/User Account Manager
systemd-hwdb hardware database management tool
systemd-hybrid-sleep.service alias for systemd-suspend.service
systemd-integritysetup alias for systemd-integritysetup@.service
systemd-integritysetup-generator Unit generator for integrity protected block devices
systemd-integritysetup@.service Disk integrity protection logic
systemd-makefs alias for systemd-makefs@.service
systemd-makefs@.service Creating and growing file systems on demand
systemd-mkswap@.service alias for systemd-makefs@.service
systemd-modules-load alias for systemd-modules-load.service
systemd-modules-load.service Load kernel modules at boot
systemd-oomd alias for systemd-oomd.service
systemd-oomd.service A userspace out-of-memory (OOM) killer
systemd-pcrextend alias for systemd-pcrphase.service
systemd-pcrfs-root.service alias for systemd-pcrphase.service
systemd-pcrfs@.service alias for systemd-pcrphase.service
systemd-pcrlock Analyze and predict TPM2 PCR states and generate an access policy from the prediction
systemd-pcrlock-file-system.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrlock-firmware-code.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrlock-firmware-config.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrlock-machine-id.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrlock-make-policy.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrlock-secureboot-authority.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrlock-secureboot-policy.service alias for systemd-pcrlock
systemd-pcrmachine.service alias for systemd-pcrphase.service
systemd-pcrphase-initrd.service alias for systemd-pcrphase.service
systemd-pcrphase-sysinit.service alias for systemd-pcrphase.service
systemd-pcrphase.service Measure boot phase into TPM2 PCR 11, machine ID and file system identity into PCR 15
systemd-portabled alias for systemd-portabled.service
systemd-portabled.service Portable service manager
systemd-pstore alias for systemd-pstore.service
systemd-pstore.service A service to archive contents of pstore
systemd-quotacheck alias for systemd-quotacheck.service
systemd-quotacheck.service File system quota checker logic
systemd-random-seed alias for systemd-random-seed.service
systemd-random-seed.service Load and save the OS system random seed at boot and shutdown
systemd-remount-fs alias for systemd-remount-fs.service
systemd-remount-fs.service Remount root and kernel file systems
systemd-repart Automatically grow and add partitions
systemd-repart.service alias for systemd-repart
systemd-rfkill alias for systemd-rfkill.service
systemd-rfkill.service Load and save the RF kill switch state at boot and change
systemd-rfkill.socket alias for systemd-rfkill.service
systemd-sleep alias for systemd-suspend.service
systemd-suspend-then-hibernate.service alias for systemd-suspend.service
systemd-suspend.service System sleep state logic
systemd-sysctl alias for systemd-sysctl.service
systemd-sysctl.service Configure kernel parameters at boot
systemd-timesyncd alias for systemd-timesyncd.service
systemd-timesyncd.service Network Time Synchronization
systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev-early.service alias for systemd-tmpfiles
systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service alias for systemd-tmpfiles
systemd-udev-settle.service Wait for all pending udev events to be handled
systemd-udevd alias for systemd-udevd.service
systemd-udevd-control.socket alias for systemd-udevd.service
systemd-udevd-kernel.socket alias for systemd-udevd.service
systemd-udevd.service Device event managing daemon
systemd-vconsole-setup alias for systemd-vconsole-setup.service
systemd-vconsole-setup.service Configure the virtual consoles
systemd-veritysetup alias for systemd-veritysetup@.service
systemd-veritysetup-generator Unit generator for verity protected block devices
systemd-veritysetup@.service Disk verity protection logic
systemd-volatile-root alias for systemd-volatile-root.service
systemd-volatile-root.service Make the root file system volatile
udevadm udev management tool