Package systemd-resolved

Network Name Resolution manager

systemd-resolved is a system service that provides network name resolution
to local applications. It implements a caching and validating DNS/DNSSEC
stub resolver, as well as an LLMNR and MulticastDNS resolver and responder.

Version: 249.2

See also: systemd, systemd-bootchart, systemd-container, systemd-devel, systemd-journal-remote, systemd-networkd, systemd-pam, systemd-swap, systemd-udev.

General Commands

resolvconf alias for resolvectl
resolvectl Resolve domain names, IPV4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS resource records, and services; introspect and reconfigure the DNS resolver

File Formats

org.freedesktop.resolve1 The D-Bus interface of systemd-resolved
resolved.conf Network Name Resolution configuration files
resolved.conf.d alias for resolved.conf

System Administration

systemd-resolved alias for systemd-resolved.service
systemd-resolved.service Network Name Resolution manager