Package systemd-devel

Development headers for systemd

Development headers and auxiliary files for developing applications linking
to libudev or libsystemd.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
libudev API for enumerating and introspecting local devices
sd_booted Test whether the system is running the systemd init system
sd-bus A lightweight D-Bus IPC client library
sd_bus_add_match Add a match rule for incoming message dispatching
sd_bus_creds_get_pid Retrieve fields from a credentials object
sd_bus_creds_new_from_pid Retrieve credentials object for the specified PID
sd_bus_default Acquire a connection to a system or user bus
sd_bus_error sd-bus error handling
sd_bus_error_add_map Additional sd-dbus error mappings
sd-bus-errors Standard D-Bus error names
sd_bus_get_fd Get the file descriptor connected to the message bus
sd_bus_get_n_queued_read Get the number of pending bus messages in the read and write queues of a bus...
sd_bus_is_open Check whether the a bus connection is open or ready.
sd_bus_message_append Attach fields to a D-Bus message based on a type string
sd_bus_message_append_array Append an array of fields to a D-Bus message
sd_bus_message_append_basic Attach a single field to a message
sd_bus_message_append_string_memfd Attach a string to a message
sd_bus_message_append_strv Attach an array of strings to a message
sd_bus_message_get_cookie Returns the transaction cookie of a message
sd_bus_message_get_monotonic_usec Retrieve the sender timestamps and sequence number of a message
sd_bus_message_read_basic Read a basic type from a message
sd_bus_message_set_destination Set the destination or sender service name of a bus message
sd_bus_negotiate_fds Control feature negotiation on bus connections
sd_bus_new Create a new bus object and create or destroy references to it
sd_bus_path_encode Convert an external identifier into an object path and back
sd_bus_process Drive the connection
sd_bus_request_name Request or release a well-known service name on a bus
sd_bus_set_connected_signal Control emmission of local connection establishment signal on bus connections
sd_bus_set_sender Configure default sender for outgoing messages
sd_bus_set_watch_bind Control socket binding watching on bus connections
sd_bus_slot_set_destroy_callback Define the callback function for resource cleanup.
sd_bus_slot_set_floating Control whether a bus slot object is "floating".
sd_bus_track_add_name Add, remove and retrieve bus peers tracked in a bus peer tracking object
sd_bus_track_new Track bus peers
sd-daemon APIs for new-style daemons
sd-event A generic event loop implementation
sd_event_add_child Add a child process state change event source to an event loop
sd_event_add_defer Add static event sources to an event loop
sd_event_add_inotify Add an "inotify" file system inode event source to an event loop
sd_event_add_io Add an I/O event source to an event loop
sd_event_add_signal Add a UNIX process signal event source to an event loop
sd_event_add_time Add a timer event source to an event loop
sd_event_exit Ask the event loop to exit
sd_event_get_fd Obtain a file descriptor to poll for event loop events
sd_event_new Acquire and release an event loop object
sd_event_now Retrieve current event loop iteration timestamp
sd_event_run Run an event loop
sd_event_set_watchdog Enable event loop watchdog support
sd_event_source_get_event Retrieve the event loop of an event source
sd_event_source_get_pending Determine pending state of event sources
sd_event_source_set_description Set or retrieve descriptive names of event sources
sd_event_source_set_destroy_callback Define the callback function for resource cleanup.
sd_event_source_set_enabled Enable or disable event sources
sd_event_source_set_prepare Set a preparation callback for event sources
sd_event_source_set_priority Set or retrieve the priority of event sources
sd_event_source_set_userdata Set or retrieve user data pointer of event sources
sd_event_source_unref Increase or decrease event source reference counters
sd_event_wait Low-level event loop operations
sd_get_seats Determine available seats, sessions, logged in users and virtual...
sd-id128 APIs for processing 128-bit IDs
sd_id128_get_machine Retrieve 128-bit IDs
sd_id128_randomize Generate 128-bit IDs
sd_id128_to_string Format or parse 128-bit IDs as strings
sd_is_fifo Check the type of a file descriptor
sd-journal APIs for submitting and querying log entries to and from the journal
sd_journal_add_match Add or remove entry matches
sd_journal_enumerate_fields Read used field names from the journal
sd_journal_get_catalog Retrieve message catalog entry
sd_journal_get_cursor Get cursor string for or test cursor string against the current journal entry
sd_journal_get_cutoff_realtime_usec Read cut-off timestamps from the current journal entry
sd_journal_get_data Read data fields from the current journal entry
sd_journal_get_fd Journal change notification interface
sd_journal_get_realtime_usec Read timestamps from the current journal entry
sd_journal_get_usage Journal disk usage
sd_journal_has_runtime_files Query availability of runtime or persistent journal files.
sd_journal_next Advance or set back the read pointer in the journal
sd_journal_open Open the system journal for reading
sd_journal_print Submit log entries to the journal
sd_journal_query_unique Read unique data fields from the journal
sd_journal_seek_head Seek to a position in the journal
sd_journal_stream_fd Create log stream file descriptor to the journal
sd_listen_fds Check for file descriptors passed by the system manager
sd-login APIs for tracking logins
sd_login_monitor_new Monitor login sessions, seats, users and virtual machines/containers
sd_machine_get_class Determine the class and network interface indices of a locally running virtual...
sd_notify Notify service manager about start-up completion and other service status...
sd_pid_get_owner_uid Determine the owner uid of the user unit or session, or the session, user unit...
sd_seat_get_active Determine state of a specific seat
sd_session_is_active Determine state of a specific session
sd_uid_get_state Determine login state of a specific Unix user ID
sd_watchdog_enabled Check whether the service manager expects watchdog keep-alive notifications from...
udev_device_get_syspath Query device properties
udev_device_has_tag Retrieve or set device attributes
udev_device_new_from_syspath Create, acquire and release a udev device object
udev_enumerate_add_match_subsystem Modify filters
udev_enumerate_new Create, acquire and release a udev enumerate object
udev_enumerate_scan_devices Query or modify a udev enumerate object
udev_list_entry Iterate and access udev lists
udev_monitor_filter_update Modify filters
udev_monitor_new_from_netlink Create, acquire and release a udev monitor object
udev_monitor_receive_device Query and modify device monitor
udev_new Create, acquire and release a udev context object