Package systemd-boot-unsigned

UEFI boot manager (unsigned version)

systemd-boot (short: sd-boot) is a simple UEFI boot manager. It provides a
graphical menu to select the entry to boot and an editor for the kernel command
line. systemd-boot supports systems with UEFI firmware only.

This package contains the unsigned version. Install systemd-boot instead to get
the version that works with Secure Boot.

Version: 255.4

See also: systemd, systemd-bootchart, systemd-container, systemd-devel, systemd-journal-remote, systemd-networkd, systemd-pam, systemd-resolved, systemd-swap, systemd-udev, systemd-ukify.

File Formats

loader.conf Configuration file for systemd-boot


sd-boot alias for systemd-boot
systemd-boot A simple UEFI boot manager