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Package syslinux

Simple kernel loader which boots from a FAT filesystem


SYSLINUX is a suite of bootloaders, currently supporting DOS FAT
filesystems, Linux ext2/ext3 filesystems (EXTLINUX), PXE network boots
(PXELINUX), or ISO 9660 CD-ROMs (ISOLINUX).  It also includes a tool,
MEMDISK, which loads legacy operating systems from these media.

Version: 6.04

See also: syslinux-extlinux, syslinux-perl.

General Commands

gethostip convert an IP address into various formats
isohybrid Post-process an ISO 9660 image for booting as a hard disk.
memdiskfind Simple utility to find a resident memdisk instance.
syslinux install the SYSLINUX bootloader on a FAT filesystem
syslinux2ansi converts a syslinux-format screen to pc-ansi