Package sympa

Powerful multilingual List Manager

Sympa is scalable and highly customizable mailing list manager. It
can cope with big lists (200,000 subscribers) and comes with a
complete (user and admin) Web interface. It is internationalized,
and supports the us, fr, de, es, it, fi, and chinese locales. A
scripting language allows you to extend the behavior of commands.
Sympa can be linked to an LDAP directory or an RDBMS to create
dynamic mailing lists. Sympa provides S/MIME-based authentication
and encryption.

Version: 6.2.72

See also: sympa-devel-doc.

General Commands

sympa Command line utility to manage Sympa
sympa-add Add users to the list
sympa-bouncers Manipulate list bounced users
sympa-bouncers-del Unsubscribe bounced users from a list
sympa-bouncers-reset Reset the bounce status of all bounced users of a list
sympa-check Check environment
sympa-close Close a list or the lists belonging to a family
sympa-config Manipulate configuration of Sympa
sympa-config-create Create configuration file
sympa-config-show Show the content of configuration file
sympa-copy Copy the list
sympa-create Create a list
sympa-del Delete users from the list
sympa-dump Dump users of the lists
sympa-help Display help information about Sympa CLI
sympa-include Update inclusion
sympa-instantiate Instantiate the lists in a family
sympa-lowercase Lowercase email addresses in database
sympa-make_alias_file Create aliases file
sympa-md5_digest Output a MD5 digest
sympa-move Move or copy the list
sympa-open Open the list
sympa-rebuildarc Rebuild the archives of the list
sympa-reload_list_config Recreate config cache of the lists
sympa-restore Restore users of the lists
sympa-review Show subscribers of the list.
sympa-send_digest Send digest
sympa-set Set properties of users of the list
sympa-show_pending_lists Show pending lists
sympa-sync_list_db Synchronize database cache of the lists
sympa-test Test functions of Sympa
sympa-test-ldap Testing LDAP connection for Sympa
sympa-test-soap Demo client for Sympa SOAP/HTTP API
sympa-test-syslog Testing logging function of Sympa
sympa-update Modify the existing list in the family
sympa-upgrade Upgrade Sympa
sympa-upgrade-incoming Upgrade messages in incoming spool
sympa-upgrade-outgoing Migrating messages in bulk tables
sympa-upgrade-password Upgrading password in database
sympa-upgrade-shared Migrating shared repository created by earlier versions
sympa-upgrade-webfont Upgrading font in web templates
sympa-upgrade_config_location TBD
sympa-user Manipulate list users
sympa-user-del Delete user
sympa-user-move Change a user email address
sympa-version Print the version number of Sympa
sympa_newaliases Alias database maintenance
sympa_toc Documentation on Sympa — Table of Contents

File Formats

auth.conf Configuration of authentication mechanisms for web interface of Sympa
automatic_lists_description.conf Description of automatic list creation with web interface
charset.conf Configuration file for legacy character set support by Sympa
crawlers_detection.conf User agents to be excluded from session management
edit_list.conf Configuration of privileges to edit list configuration
ldap_alias_manager.conf Configuration of LDAP alias management
list_config Configuration file for mailing list
nrcpt_by_domain.conf Grouping factor for SMTP sessions by recipient domains
sympa.conf Configuration file for default site and robot
sympa.wsdl Service description of SOAP HTTP interface for Sympa
sympa_config Configuration files for Sympa mailing list manager
sympa_database Structure of Sympa core database
sympa_scenario Authorization scenario
topics.conf Configuration of list topics
trusted_applications.conf Defining applications of SOAP HTTP interface for Sympa

System Administration

alias_manager Manage Sympa aliases (Obsoleted)
archived Mailing List Archiving Daemon for Sympa
bounced Mailing List Bounce Processing Daemon for Sympa
bulk Daemon for submitting messages to SMTP engine
sympa_automatic Automatic list creation daemon
sympa_msg Daemon to handle incoming messages
sympa_soap_server Sympa SOAP server
task_manager Daemon to process periodical Sympa tasks
wwsympa WWSympa, Sympa's web interface